Wands of Horus MONO-12 Full set

Contain monocrystalline quartz

1220 USD
"Wands of Horus" MONO with twelve-faceted crystal cores allow for a synchronization of the user's energy system with the energy systems of the Solar system and the Universe.
In essence, the energy structure of the human being, the Solar system and the Universe consist of 12 levels.

It is no coincidence that the priestly schools of antiquity knew 12 levels of initiation. The 12th level is the highest level of initiation in the Universe.

Entering into energy interaction with 12 levels of the Universe opens the door to a world of possibilities, such, as the texts say, which were own to the "gods".

This is the path that all the initiates have once gone.

This type of wands has an even more intense (active) effect on the human energy system.

On the physical plane the self-tuning of the wands to the person's organism is much quicker and the cardiovascular system as well as the brain rhythms scanning the energy information environment, are activated much more rapidly.

This is why in ancient times this type of wands was used in "places of power" — in temple complexes and pyramids.
All varieties of the "Wands of Horus", and also the materials from which the copper and magnetic patches, as well as the insoles with copper-zinc inserts are made, undergo 12-day cycles of exposure in a large pyramid built specially for the purpose.

This gives the "Wands of Horus" special properties and enable them to attune themselves quickly and deeply to the human organism.

The "Wands of Horus" MONO-12 are supplied with:
5 sets (pairs) of insoles with copper-zinc inserts to stimulate the first chakra, the spine, the prostate (in men), the ovaries (in women) and the adrenal glands;
Special handmade leather case for the wands with Egyptian symbols (choice of genuine leather or vegan-friendly, please specify in order form);
Certificate of authenticity;
Cardboard packaging;
Cleaning Kit – Set consisting of a special cleaning paste and a microfibre cloth for gentle cleaning of the wands;
An excerpt from the book "Wands of Horus" with instructions for use
can be downloaded below:
All types of the "Rods of Horus", as well as the trademarks "Wands of Horus" and the Russian «Жезлы Гора», the pyramids and the insoles with copper-zinc inserts are protected by Russian Federation patents and have all the necessary certificates.
Sanitary certificates for the "Wands of Horus" and insoles with copper and zinc inserts
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